Complimentary Webinars

Based on our commitment to provide meaningful value to nonprofit organizations, we are pleased to offer periodic nonprofit education session on topics that extend beyond accounting and finance. Each session will be led by guest speakers with specialized knowledge of the nonprofit industry. These speakers are individuals that we have come to know and trust, and we are anxious to share their expertise with you!

HR and Its Impact on Your Organization's Success | How the Biden Tax Proposal May Impact Nonprofit Fundraising

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Part 1: HR and its Impact on Your Organization’s Success

Presented by:
Steph Vanous and Chad Theis
Zelle Human Resources Solutions

HR is a critical component to any organization regardless of size. However, most people don’t know how to effectively implement HR strategies. In this session, participants will leave with effective action items to implement both traditional and nontraditional HR processes. In this presentation, we will discuss relevant topics related to the current recruiting environment, along with changes and updates organizations need to be aware of with COVID. Ultimately, participants will gain an understanding of the importance of HR, and its impact on the overall success of the organization.

Part 2: How the Biden Tax Proposal May Impact Nonprofit Fundraising

Presented by:
Chad Pfeifer, and/or Jimmy Schulz, CPA, CVA, MT
HBE Tax Practice Leaders

The Biden Administration’s tax proposal contains several components that may directly impact how taxpayers approach advanced charitable giving and estate planning. In this session, we will provide an overview of the proposed changes and how they may impact nonprofit fundraising efforts. Ultimately, it is important that nonprofit organizations understand these proposed changes so they can proactively plan how they will communicate with donors in the event that the changes take effect in the future.

Planning for Succession in the Midst of Uncertainty

Succession planning is a challenging topic to address, but it is critical for the success of your organization to have this discussion. The current COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us all that leadership changes will happen, whether we have made plans for them or not. Please join special guest trainer, Ingrid Kirst, to learn more about creating a solid plan to make those transitions smoother.

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Creating a Talent Management Strategy for Your Organization

With special guest speaker, Jeremy Wortman, owner of HRD Initiatives

Most organizations have a clear understanding and plan for their operational strategy. However, when asked if they have a clear strategy regarding their human capital more than 80% say they have “no plan” or “very little of a plan” (e.g., they may have a staffing plan or do some sort of succession planning). Yet, when asked how important their people are to the ongoing, long-term success of their business the overwhelming response is, “critically important.” Thus, there is a large disconnect between the practice of talent management and its idealized state. Accordingly, this session helps leaders understand the robust nature of talent management and how they can begin thinking and creating a more strategic approach to the acquisition, engagement, development, and retention of their most valuable asset – their people.

During this session participants will explore a framework that they can use to immediately begin assessing their own organization in terms of talent management without over-engineering the process. Participants will be intellectually stimulated to think about the people-side of their business in a more comprehensive and deeper manner; thus, positioning themselves to identify areas of enhancement that drives their operational strategy.

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Legacy Giving Program

Legacy giving, or planned giving, programs are often one of the largest areas of growth for nonprofit organizations. These programs can help diversify assets, while also supporting an organization’s long-term financial health. In this session, hear from special guest Andrew Loudon, estate planning attorney with Ball, Loudon, Ebert, & Brostrom, LLC, who covers the following topics:


  • Best practices for building a legacy giving program within your organization
  • Donor perspectives on legacy giving
  • What legacy giving may look like for donors and nonprofits in the future

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At this semi-monthly complimentary webinar series, held for 10 minutes at 10:00 AM every-other Tuesday, HBE professionals and guest speakers will provide timely updates, information, and education on topics that are important for the growth and success of your business or nonprofit organization.

Inflation and Government Intervention

About this Session

Inflation, which is generally defined as a decrease in the purchasing power of money, has been top of mind for many of our clients recently given the noticeable pandemic-related price increases for goods and services across nearly every industry. In this session, we welcome back Apollo Lupescu, Vice President with Dimensional Fund Advisors, who will provide valuable insight in response to the following questions:

  • Because inflation is such a complex issue, how should investors approach this topic?
  • The 1970s bring to memory a period of high inflation. What were some of the factors that led to such high inflation, and which of those are present with us in 2021?
  • Gold has been considered a hedge against inflation. Is that accurate? What are some of the investments that would help investors who are really concerned about inflation keep up with it?
Top 5 Items Impacting the Value of Your Business

Top 5 Items Impacting the Value of Your Business

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About This Session:

In this session, HBE Partner Scott Scheef, CPA, and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), highlights the top five items that have the biggest impact on the value of your business. From capital and equity balances, to industry volatility, Scott delivers valuable insight on maximizing value and minimizing risk. This session also includes a refresher on the three different methods used by valuation experts to complete a thorough calculation of value.

Understanding the Potential Capital Gains Tax Increase

Understanding the Potential Capital Gains Tax Increase

Avoid Putting Unnecessary Risk on Your Assets

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About the Session: 

In this session, Scott Becker and Chris Bedient will put pencil to paper to help attendees better understand how the Biden Administration’s proposed capital gain tax increase may impact net proceeds.

How will Biden's Tax Proposal Affect YOU?

How will Biden’s Tax Proposal Affect YOU?

Key Aspects Every Taxpayer Should Know

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About the Session: 

We are now roughly six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, and many aspects of his proposed tax plan are beginning to gain significant attention. While there is a great deal of discussion and negotiation required before legislation is drafted, there are several key aspects that taxpayers should be familiar with as they plan both their short-term and long-term tax strategy. In this session, Jimmy Schulz, HBE partner and leader of the firm’s Tax Department, will touch on each of the following issues:

  1. Capital Gain Rates, and Transfer at Death Rules
  2. Updates to Estate and Gift Tax Regime
  3. Expansion of Self-Employment and Net Investment Income Tax
  4. 1031 Exchanges
  5. Individual Tax Rates
  6. Corporate Tax Rates
6 Step Process to Manage Political Tax Risk

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Presented by:
Ernest Clark, CPA/PFS
Advanced Planning Advisor
Buckingham Wealth Partners

Lessons Learned from a Crazy Year in Financial Markets

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

About the Session: 

To use a technical term, 2020 was a strange year, from the pandemic, to the polarized election and its unusual aftermath. In this session, Apollo Lupescu, vice president at Dimensional Fund Advisors, will highlight a couple of the big lessons learned and insights that could be useful for investors going forward.

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Presented by: 

Apollo Lupescu
Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Apollo Lupescu is vice president at Dimensional Fund Advisors, one of the premier investment managers in the world, managing around $600 billion in assets. Apollo is considered the “secretary of explaining stuff”, because he excels at delivering thought-provoking presentation in a clear and understandable way.

COVID-19: A 30,000 ft. View for Employers

COVID-19: A 30,000 ft. View for Employers

The Latest Relief, Rules, and Guidance

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

About the Session: 

This presentation will cover the most current topics and guidance for employers when addressing COVID-19 in the workplace, including new government relief programs impacting employees. Aaron Clark, attorney with McGrath North, will update attendees on current legal developments in several areas including guidelines and best practices for vaccinated employees and those that choose not to get vaccinated, returning employees to the workplace and continued remote work arrangements, and the American Rescue Plan.

Presented by:
Aaron A. Clark
Chair, Labor and Employment Law Group
McGrath North

Aaron Clark is Chair of the Labor and Employment Group at McGrath North. His practice includes advising and defending corporate clients on labor and employment matters. During the course of this year, a substantial amount of his work has been devoted to addressing issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. He has published articles and legal guidance, drafted policies and procedures and counseled clients on best practices when dealing with the pandemic in the workplace. Aaron graduated from Creighton University School of Law and is licensed to practice law in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

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Good Life, Great Opportunity: Pursuing the Vision to Grow Nebraska

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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About the Session:

Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) Director Anthony L. Goins will discuss Gov. Ricketts’ vision for economic growth, as well as DED’s mission, goals and strategies for spurring economic opportunity.

Key topics will include the Department’s past and future goals, focus areas and top priorities; the importance of partnerships and statewide buy-in for achieving results; and the value of leadership toward the end-goal.

Listeners will gain a better understanding of the economic development issues, plans and topics impacting the lives of everyday Nebraskans, as well as how they and their organizations can play a role in promoting a good life and great opportunities for all residents.

Presented by:

Anthony (Tony) Goins
Director, Nebraska Department of Economic Development

Anthony Goins was appointed Director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development by Governor Pete Ricketts in August 2019. With his extensive experience building and managing successful teams and organizations at the highest levels of industry, Tony is spearheading the Department’s pursuit of new and expanded economic opportunities on behalf of all Nebraskans.

Tony has a background in operations, where he specialized in global financial services and achieved a reputation as a strategic, results-driven executive. He formerly served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Cabela’s World’s Foremost Bank. Before moving to Lincoln, he was a Senior Vice President and Support Executive at JPMorgan Chase leading operations in Asia and North America. Tony has held senior-level positions at USAA, Ford Motor Credit Company, Key Bank, QVC, and American Express.

Tony is a small business owner, being co-founder of Capital Cigar Lounge in southwest Lincoln. He is deeply involved in the community, and serves on numerous boards including the Lincoln Community Foundation, Bryan Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, the Omaha Opera, and as Advisor to the Board for Bank of Bennington, Board Director and Chair of Risk Committee for Nelnet Bank, and Board Director for Inceptia, a division of the National Student Loan Program.

Tony majored in business management at North Carolina A&T State University, and served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He is married to Kimberly and they have three daughters, Toni (married to son-in-law Anthony Brockman, both in financial services), Briana, Jayla, and a son, Anthony II (assistant basketball coach at Boston College), married to daughter-in-law Dr. Stephanie Goins). He has five grandkids: Jaylin, Jada, Jiya, Journey, and Reese.


Monte Carlo Simulation
Markets tend to go up…BUT not in a straight line. When it comes to planning for the future, there is no crystal ball that can tell us exactly what may be coming down the road. However, there is a mathematical model, known as the Monte Carlo simulation, that can help predict the long-term return on investments using historical data and standard deviations. 
In this session, HBE Wealth Management Partner, Chris Bedient, will cover the following topics:
  • Using the Monte Carlo Simulation within the context of financial planning.
  • How to think about risk within a risk/return framework.
  • Is the goal 100?  

Presented by: 

Christopher M. Bedient, CFA, CFP
HBE Wealth Management LLC

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27 Principles Every Investor Should Know

We live in a world of abundant consumer choices, which can empower us but also create confusion, anxiety, and frustration. Investing is no different. With endless stock choices, thousands of service providers, and complex media publications all offering their versions of financial insight and advice, how can one make sense of the jargon and compelling messages?

Please join us for a special 20 minute session featuring Steven Atkinson, author of 27 Principles Every Investor Should Know, and Theron Schaub, a certified Behavioral Financial Advisor who will bring a unique twist to the session as a professional magician.

Presented by: 

Steven Atkinson
Managing Director, Advisor Relations
Buckingham / Strategic Partners

Steve has been helping investors and advisors become more informed for over 22 years. A Certified Fund Specialist, Steve is always on the pursuit of uncovering the latest information and better ways to help families reach their goals. 

Theron Schaub
Strategic Relations VP
Buckingham / Strategic Partners

Theron leads the firm’s speaking, campaign, and recruiting efforts. Additionally, he maintains relationships with distribution partners such as broker-dealers, custodians, and model exchange platforms. He applies the practice and discipline that is required to master a craft, such as magic, to his work, helping financial professionals tell a more compelling story and give memorable presentations.

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Estate/Succession Planning Under the Biden Administration

On January 20th, Joe Biden became our nation’s 46th President, and he will enjoy a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party for the first time in 12 years. This means there will likely be tax policy changes enacted in 2021 which will significantly impact individuals and business owners alike. This webinar will preview the various potential tax law changes and discuss some tools available to plan for them.

Presented by: 

Max Rodenburg, Esq.
Partner | Rembolt Ludtke

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5 Signs You've Outgrown Your ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems include the functionality of traditional accounting software, combined with integrated solutions to help manage and track additional day-to-day business activities. This may include inventory tracking, warehouse management, CRM, point-of-sale tracking, eCommerce, and more.

Replacing an ERP system is not something to take lightly and can be very complex. Join us as we highlight five factors that may be telling you it is time to begin looking for something different.

Presented by: 

Tony E. Storer
Director of ERP Support and Data Analytics

Kevin J. Furey, CPA

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HBE Virtual Tax Season

From plexiglass dividers to Zoom meetings, COVID-19 has made it necessary for businesses to embrace new and innovative ways to meet the needs of their clients while also protecting their health and that of their employees. Please join Scott Becker and Lanelle Herink as they discuss how HBE has responded and adapted to this “new normal.” Scott and Lanelle will also highlight some of tools and technology we will use to serve our clients throughout the 2021 tax season.

Presented by: 

Scott A. Becker, CPA, CFP, CVA, CGMA
Managing Partner

Lanelle E. Herink, CPA
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Predictions for the Travel Industry Through the Crystal Ball of Industry Veteran Steve Glenn

Steven Glenn
Chairman of the Board | Executive Travel

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Year-End Tax Planning: The Big Picture

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Chad Pfeiffer
Principal, HBE LLP

So often, people focus on tax planning for the here and now. However, to truly plan appropriately for the future, there is a much bigger picture to consider. In this session, we will summarize some year-end tax planning strategies specifically related to achieving long-term financial goals.

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Post-2020 Presidential Tax Platform

Tuesday, November 10, 2020
10:00 AM | 30 Minutes

Jimmy Schulz, CPA, CVA, MT
Partner, HBE LLP

*Special 30 Minute Session*

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COVID Employment Law Questions Linger for 2021

And a Happy New Year?
COVID Employment Law Questions Linger for 2021

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Kelsey Heino
Attorney | Goosmann Law Firm

Download COVID Travel Policy

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5 Cyber Security Tips to Keep You Safe at Home and at Work

Guest Speaker:
Jessica Spangler
Senior Account Director
Five Nines

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Nebraska Community CARES Grants

Phillip Oman, CPA
Senior Accountant, HBE LLP

On Monday, October 19, 2020, Governor Pete Ricketts announced additional Community CARES grant funding to provide assistance to Nebraska businesses, non-profits, and public healthcare providers who have been adversely impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In this session, HBE Senior Accountant, Phillip Oman, CPA, will summarize available grant funds, eligibility requirements, and additional details of the program as it relates to small businesses, livestock producers, and nonprofit organizations.

Who Should Attend

  • Small business owners who continue to struggle in the wake of COVID-19 and did not receive funding under round one of the program.
  • Livestock producers who have been adversely affected by manufacturing closures and changing consumer demand due to COVID-19 and did not receive funding under round one of the program.
  • Charitable organizations and care providers who need additional working capital in order to continue serving Nebraska’s children, families, and communities and did not receive funding under round one of the program.
  • Professional advisors that support clients who continue to be impacted by economic hardships due to COVID-19.

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Cyber Exposures: What's Happening & What to be Aware of

Guest Speaker:
Megan Hatch, CPCU, AIC, CWCA
Commerical Risk Consultant

What’s REALLY happening out there. Where are businesses most vulnerable and how can proper insurance coverage protect your business?

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The Basics of Buy/Sell Agreements

With special guest speaker, Mike Pallesen, attorney with Cline Williams

Buy/sell agreements are essential legal contracts for any company that has more than one owner. In addition to ensuring the orderly transition of ownership for both expected and unexpected changes, a company’s buy/sell agreement can be a highly effective succession planning tool when it is prepared and utilized correctly.

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Business Valuation: Methods, Uses, & Advantages

Mike R. Kottwitz, CPA, CVA
Manager, HBE LLP

A business valuation is the calculation of the fair market value of a business or business unit. Valuations are necessary for a variety of reasons: better understanding of company assets and resale value, establishing appropriate partner ownership, enhanced opportunity to negotiate during merger/acquisition, tax planning, and even divorce proceedings. In this session, Mike Kottwitz, CPA, CVA, will cover the following areas of business valuation:

  1. The top three methods used to calculate value
  2. The most common uses of valuations (including case studies/success stories)
  3. The key benefits of obtaining an accurate, and current valuation

Who Should Attend

  • Operational leaders who would like to know more about how a business valuation is completed and how it can be used
  • Business owners who are considering succession planning opportunities
  • Professional advisors who work with clients on succession planning, strategic planning, and/or financing

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Tax Loss Harvesting: A Proactive Approach for Volatile Markets

Christopher M. Bedient, CFA, CFP®
Partner, HBE Wealth Management LLC

Tax loss harvesting can be described as a strategy to sell an investment within a taxable account and realize a loss, allowing an offset again any realized gains or carried over into the future. This session will cover the following points:

  • Differentiate taxable and tax-advantages investment accounts
  • Illustrate stack market volatility in 2020
  • Describe opporunities to reduce your tax liability during a down stock market

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Cost Segregation

With guest speaker, Alan Smith of McGuire Sponsel

When acquiring, renovating, or building real estate, most taxpayers tend to overstate the amount of 39-year real property. This limits the depreciation deductions available to taxpayers in the early stages of their investment. A cost segregation solves this problem by reclassifying assets by maximizing the property eligible for treatment as 5-, 7-, or 15-year property. This depreciation optimization frees up substantial tax flow.

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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Updates (July 21, 2020)

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has provided financial relief to many businesses and organizations who have been negatively impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, guidance on the program requirements has been been ever-evolving. At this session, HBE Partner, Jimmy Schulz, CPA, CVA, MT, will touch on the latest developments of the PPP, including what we know now about forgiveness requirements and eligibility.

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Data Analytics: Unlocking Value & Unveiling Insights

Data analytics can help businesses and nonprofit organizations unlock the true value of their data by unveiling insights that can move them forward. Whether identifying sales/donor patterns or developing visual representations of financial performance, the goal of data analytics is to provide actionable information and guidance to improve productivity, gain efficiencies, and fine-tune a competitive advantage.

At this session, you will hear from Tony Storer, HBE Manager of Data Analytics and ERP Services. With over 25 years of experience in providing customized accounting/financial management system implementation and support services to clients across a variety of industries, Tony will share his insights on how companies can easily leverage their own data to build value and drive growth.

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General HBE Webinars

SBA/PPP Loan Updates in December Stimulus Bill

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Presented by:
Brian Klintworth, CPA, MT
Manager, HBE

About This Session

This session provides updates on the provisions of the COVID-19 relief bill passed by Congress on December 21, 2020.

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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Updates

Thursday, November 12, 2020
30 Minutes

Presented by:
Brian Klintworth, CPA, MT
Manager, HBE

About This Session

This session provides timely updates on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), including recommended next steps for the loan forgiveness process and how HBE can help with forgiveness applications. Although there are still many unknowns, our team has been diligently reviewing all of the information in or order to stay on top of the process. As banks are starting to accept the applications in force, and the 24 week covered period has expired for most businesses, now is the time to start jumping into the process of applying for forgiveness.