Business Advisory & Consulting

Business Advisory & Consulting

Growth and Profitability Planning Services

Everyone has a dream for the future. What does yours look like? Have you thought about what steps it will take to get there? At HBE, one of our primary jobs as a member of your trusted advisor team is to help you define that path, then arm you with the tools you will need to navigate it successfully and achieve your aspirations. We do this through an innovative service approach to growth and profitability planning that we call HBE Edge.

Through HBE Edge, we provide integrated consulting services to ensure: 

  • You fully understand your current position
  • You receive proactive advice on how to best capture value and minimize risk
  • You have intelligent, well-reasoned, and achievable strategies in place for driving forward
  • You remain on track to meet your goals

HBE Edge services are anchored by ongoing check-in meetings, which are held periodically between you and your HBE advisor (and other members of your professional advisor team, such as your banker or lawyer, when needed.) More than just reviewing numbers and figures, these meetings are also intended for candid conversations about what’s happening in your world, what successes you’ve achieved since the last meeting, obstacles that may be coming down the road, and what strategy adjustments may be needed as you continue working toward your goals. 

Whether you are dreaming about expansion opportunities, M&A prospects, or are simply working to streamline operations for maximum profitability, the integrative and personalized approach we offer through HBE Edge can take you to the next level. 

Our Advisory Services

Data Analytics
  • When it comes to financial and operational reporting, the software and technology that is available now can do so much more than just produce a set of numbers.
  • Our data analytics services can help you unlock the true value of your data by revealing insights and can move your business forward.
  • Clearly see the “big picture.” Accurate and timely reports based on trends and behaviors, combined into customized stas and visuals, empower you to make wiser, more well-informed business decisions.
  • Improve productivity. By identifying patterns in overlapping data sets, we can help pinpoint and correct inefficiencies and proactively respond to anticipated challenges.
  • Unlock your business potential. Our analyis and findings will arm you with actional information that can be used to enhance your company’s value and establish a sustainable competitive advantage.
Business Valuation
  • When you’ve spent years building and investing in a business, few things are more important than the value of that business. Whether you’re considering new shareholder, developing your estate plan, or attempting to resolve a liability dispute, a thorough and objective valuation is essential to a successful outcome.
  • Leveraging our depth of resources in cross-discliplinary business planning, we will work with you to execute a comprehensive business valuation so you can accomplish your personal and financial goals. 
  • Our aim is to leave you feeling confident that you have a clear picture of value and solid follow-up strategy in place so you can achieve your aspirations.
Business Transition, Succession, and Wealth Transfer Consulting
  • You have worked hard to build your business, and a well planned succession or transfer strategy is key to ensuring the best interest of the company in the event of retirement, disability, death, or other need for ownership transfer.
  • Our succession planning services include, but are not limited to, business valuation, ratio analysis, financial forecasts, tax planning, and financial planning. Our team has deep experience and expertise with a variety of business structures, spanning numerous niche industries.
  • We will work with you to create and execute a comprehensive succession plan so you can successfully exit or transition your business and accomplish your personal and financial goals. While at the same time, ensuring your intentions as a business owner are carried out.
Budgeting, Forecasts, Projections, and Cash Flow Analysis
  • At HBE, one of our primary jobs as a member of your trusted advisor team is to help you define a path for your future, then arm you with the tools you will need to navigate it successfuly. The first step is by making sure you understand your current position, and budgeting, forecasts, projections, and cash flow analysis are essential to the process.
  • In addition, well-prepared and accurate financial reports are key to successful relationships with investors and lenders. 
Interim Controller, CFO, and Client Accounting Services
  • Have you recently lost your controller, CFO, or a key employee in your business office? Alternatively, is your company nearing a stage of maturity where controller or CFO support is needed?
  • Our HBE 360 service platform provides comprehensive outsourced services and support for all aspects of your business’s day-to-day financial management needs. This includes preparation of financial statements, general ledge, cost accouting, payroll, AP/AR, budgeting, tax compliance, and special analysis.
  • Through HBE 360, our team becomes your team. The will work closely with you to provide seamless, cost-effective services that are aligned with your business goals. 
  • Our commitment to our people provides you with the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to concern yourself with staff training, turnover, or overhead.  
Fraud Examinations
  • Fraud can occur in any business at any time. However, during times and stress and uncertainty, the risk for fraud increases.

  • Occupational fraud can be crippling to your company’s financial plan and create unrepairable damage to your reputation.

  • Our Certified Fraud Examiners are trained to assist our clients with fraud prevention strategies, detect fraud risk and fraud occurrence, provide support through litigation and recovery, and help implement controls to diminish the risk of fraud in the future.

  • Additionally, using multiple sources of data, our Data Analytics team can create custom recurring reports so you know exactly where your risks are in real time.  

Consulting on Changes in Organizational Structure/Entity Selection
  • The effects of the coronavirus pandemic may have created the need to make changes to your company’s organizational structure, or may have you considering whether you should make a change to your entity selection.
  • Whether it comes to ensuring proper corporate compliance, governance, accounting, or strategic direction, we can help ensure you comply with regulations and make the best decision for future success. 
Job Costing and Overhead Analysis
  • With the changes brought to overhead costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic, your company’s profitability is likely to be impacted in one way or another.
  • Comparing your overhead costs to similar businesses in your industry, and setting appropriate benchmarks, can help you improve your overall profitability. 
  • Our team of professionals can help you better estimate and appropriate amount of overhead based on your company’s unique factors.
  • We start by identifying expenses that should be included in overhead, and which allocation method is best suited to your business. This will allow us to then develop an overall overhead rate to apply as you move forward. 
Strategic Planning
  • Now more than ever, business owners need to assess their long-term plans for their company and set goals for growth and sustainability, while also addressing the changing business environment.
  • A true strategic planning process includes many non-accounting aspects, such as staffing, training, IT, and marketing.
  • Using the same strategic planning methods that have worked for our firm, we can guide you through the process of identifying comprehensive goals and establishing achievable action plans for accomplishing your vision. 
Benchmarking and Analytic Review
  • Benchmarking is defined as the comparison of individual performance to industry performance metrics or best practices. A comprohensive benchmark study allows you understand how your company stacks up against similar companies of the same type, size, and location. 
  • Benchmarks can be powerful tools in helping make well-informed operational decisions in areas such as compensatio, expenses, marketing, technology, and more.

In addition to the comprehensive advisory, accounting, tax, and wealth management services we offer, we also have strong relationships with highly respected bankers, attorneys, and other advisors. We can leverage these relationships to connect you to professionals who can provide support for all aspects of your business.

Our team of professionals is available and ready to serve you. Please let us know what we can do to help as you plan and prepare for the times ahead.

Specialized Consulting Services


  • Internal Control Testing
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Operational Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Projections and Forecasting
  • Tax Credits and Incentives
  • Nexus and Sales Tax
  • Estate Planning

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