new ar logo verticalAgility Recovery is in the business of saving businesses. The company’s approach is simple. They bring together innovative products, affordable services, and most important, great people – experts with the know-how and passion to help you plan and recover from both minor disruptions and major disasters, fast. For businesses large and small, Agility is the difference between giving into a crisis and surviving one. For an example of how Agility recently assisted HBE with a critical server issue, click here.


Trevor Mickelson, CPA Practice Leader, Agility Recovery




“When we first joined Agility, I honestly couldn’t ever perceive the need for that much of a plan. I’ll be honest, I thought it was overkill. But once disaster struck us, I wouldn’t want to be without Agility now. We would have hated to struggle through this ourselves.”
Sally Barker


This month, Sally Barker, City Clerk in West Liberty, Kentucky, spoke to prospective members about their recovery experience with Agility. In March of 2012, the town hall staff received warning that a severe tornado was going to rip through the area. However, due to the fact that they were located in an area that normally doesn’t get impacted by tornados, Sally admitted the staff didn’t take the weather forecast seriously. As predicted, an EF-3 tornado touched down and completely flattened their town – leaving damage over a mile wide in its path.


Back in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sally’s Account Manager at Agility was monitoring the severity of the storm very closely. When the Account Manager didn’t hear from Sally due to the phone lines being down, he was able to get in touch with her via satellite phone. The next morning, Agility’s operations team arrived with everything needed for a full recovery, including a mobile unit delivered right to their parking lot. Sally commented that the team was there before the debris was even cleared out of the way.


After four  months of working from the mobile unit, the employees were able to move into their building, but it wasn’t until another four months later that the other tenants of the building were able to move back in. Sally said that it was nearly a year after the tornado that things finally felt normal again. “The recovery process is a long battle, but when you have partners you can trust and depend on to get the things you need, it certainly helps,” Sally remarked.


Download Agility’s Tornado Preparedness Checklist. The checklist will help you prepare your organization by highlighting activities that you should undertake before, during and after the storm.


Through our membership with BDO Alliance USA, HBE is able to partner with several independent consulting firms to offer clients a full suite of business services. This network of firms is known as the Business Resource Network (BRN). BRN firms are selected by BDO Alliance USA based upon their service offerings, which are targeted for particular businesses or service niches. These offerings help clients grow and improve their performance by providing insight and experience in a variety of specialized domains.

To learn more about the BRN and how these firms can help your company, please contact any member of the HBE professional team at (402) 423-4343. 


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