Results from HBE’s 2012 Client Satisfaction Survey

At HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service. In support of this goal, we recently issued satisfaction surveys to clients who utilized our firm for 2012 tax planning and preparation. The results of this survey are vitally important as they help provide a benchmark for current service levels and help identify opportunities for improvements.

The results our firm has received from this year’s client satisfaction survey have been exceptional. In summary, of those who responded, results are as follows:

  1. Overall, 97% were satisfied or highly satisfied with the service they received from HBE during this year’s tax season.
  2. 97% were satisfied or highly satisfied with the timeliness of our services.
  3. 95% were satisfied or highly satisfied with the timeliness of our response to their calls or inquires.
  4. 99% were satisfied or highly satisfied with the appearance and tidiness of their personal tax return.
  5. 95% were satisfied or highly satisfied with the communication from our firm during tax season.
  6. 95% are likely or highly likely to continue doing business with HBE.
  7. 94% are likely or highly likely to recommend HBE to a friend or colleague.

We know that there is no better way to demonstrate the value of working with our firm than through the voices of our satisfied clients. Therefore, we’d also like to share a few of the survey comments we received:

My accountant is amazing! I have been with you guys for a few years and plan to keep coming back!

 We have been using HBE for our business, as well as personal, for quite a number of years and have been extremely satisfied since day one.

 It could not have been better. The work has been flawless, timely, and reasonably priced. We had a previous accountant that nearly cost us a huge amount, owing to a major error in their advice. HBE helped us reclaim that sum and has been spot-on with us from the beginning.

 I appreciate the interest shown in me as a person, not just a client. Taking time to inquire about family, future plans, etc. is critical to relationship building.

My HBE accountant has been a rock, not just with overseeing/doing my tax returns, but as a valuable and trusted advisor for my house purchase and most recent refinancing. Although I live 500 miles away, my tax and financial matters are still in Lincoln.

 I can’t image having another person or company do my taxes. My accountant is prompt and makes the whole experience a breeze. I don’t always understand the tax “stuff” and she takes time and explains it to me and doesn’t make me feel like I’m unintelligent.

I think HBE is better than world class. They are personal and professional at the same time. They know what they are talking about and are very responsive to questions and concerns.

Although we are extremely proud of the results we’ve received for this year’s client satisfaction survey, it’s the personal service we provided and the relationships we built and developed that made this tax season a true success. Again, thank you to each of our clients who took the time to complete the survey and provide your feedback.

If you have any comments you’d like to share regarding your experience with HBE throughout this year’s tax season, or if you’d like additional information on the tax planning and preparation services we provide, please feel free to give our office a call at (402) 423-4343.

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