Recruiting New Nonprofit Board Members? HBE Can Help!

Since the founding of our firm in 1974, HBE has been committed to strengthening and enriching the communities in which we live and work by supporting local nonprofit organizations. In addition to volunteer efforts and financial support, we also provide professional services to a large number of nonprofit clients. As a result, our team has developed an in-depth understanding of what it takes to run a successful mission-oriented organization. From financial reporting and risk management to long-term planning and strategy, our professional staff’s knowledge and expertise make many of them excellent candidates for active board and/or committee participation.

If you or someone you know is connected to a local nonprofit organization that is seeking new board or committee members, please contact our office or a member of our not-for-profit specialty team. Although we may be limited by independence issues due to existing or prospective client relationships, we would be happy to evaluate your requirements and recommend potentially qualified candidates to meet your needs.