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iStock_000017031556XSmallAt HBE we understand the important business decisions and financial concerns of construction, architectural, and engineering companies. Because these companies often confront a host of unique challenges, opportunities, and industry-wide intricacies, one of our firm’s core niche groups is our Construction Industry Specialty Team. Through active involvement in industry organizations and specialized education and training, this group has the knowledge and expertise needed to help companies operating within the construction industry leverage proactive strategies for success.


In addition to specialized tax preparation and accounting services, our team also focuses on providing value-added services that improve systems and controls, set benchmarks, and help establish succession plans. Examples include:


QuickBooks Consulting. We have skilled professionals well versed in QuickBooks accounting software. We can help on a one-on-one basis with users of all skill levels from those just starting to utilize the software to those who want to make sure they are using all the features available to them.


Bonding Assistance. Bonding can be very important to some companies, allowing them to bid on more sizable projects requiring a bond. Being prepared to meet with your bonding agent is very important. We can help assist with some of the key financial ratios and performance measurements that will be reviewed in order to obtain bonding.


Cost Analysis. Accounting software can tell you how much money you have versus how much money you’ve spent. However, through a cost analysis, our team of experts can take that knowledge to the next level by offering insight into your company’s actual profitability. A cost analysis performed by HBE will enable you to more clearly see where your money comes from, where it’s going, future profit projections, and areas where you may be able to become more financially efficient.


Cost Estimating. Properly estimating and accounting for job costs is one of the most important financial aspects of a construction business. Successful companies are able to adequately estimate their costs and stick to the budgeted amounts. We can help management teams understand how to utilize accounting resources to ensure that all appropriate costs are being considered and properly tracked to arrive at accurate job cost estimates and performance measurements.


For more information on the specialized construction industry expertise and services offered by HBE, please contact our Construction Industry Specialty Team at (402) 423-4343.

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