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What does it mean to be innovative? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “innovative” is an adjective used for:


  1. Introducing or using new ideas or methods, or
  2. Having new ideas about how something can be done.


Given the definition, it’s unlikely that most people would associate an accounting firm with the word innovative. However, from diversifying client services to implementing an “anywhere, anytime” work environment for employees, HBE is changing the way people think about the industry of public accounting and its future.


One of HBE’s most innovative accomplishments has been the launch of our cloud-based outsourced accounting service platform, which we call HBE 360. Through HBE 360, we are able to offer high-quality, highly efficient outsourced accounting solutions for businesses and organizations that may not have the operational resources needed to meet compliance requirements or to maintain a full accounting staff.


At the time we implemented HBE 360 (which was born from our strategic vision to proactively meet evolving client needs) we were one of the very first CPA firms in the region to offer cloud-based accounting services. In addition to leadership oversight, the launch required the dedication of several employees who contributed significant time and resources to research and testing, workflows and quality control procedures, and training materials. Without a team who openly embraced change, the implementation of HBE’s cloud-based accounting services could have been a real disaster for our firm and our clients. Instead, it has become a true innovation success story and we are proud to say that HBE 360 is currently one of our firm’s strongest practice areas.


HBE 360 is just one example of the many innovative endeavors happening within HBE. Other innovations include specialized niche expertise, wealth management, HR advisory services, tailored leadership development and training, and ongoing software enhancements.


As a reflection of the innovative culture we have worked to develop, we are thrilled to announce that Scott Becker, HBE’s Managing Partner, has been selected as a finalist for The Digital CPA Network Innovative Practitioner of the Year! Nominees for this recognition are practitioners who demonstrate digital innovation via strategic decision-making, thought leadership, and a commitment to drive the profession toward the future. To cast your vote for Scott to win, please click here.

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