FBLA Shaped McCain’s Career

Cody McCain, 2nd year tax intern, has been a member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) since his freshman year at Tri-County High School. In FBLA, Cody has served in many leadership positions, performed numerous community service jobs, attended conferences, and competed in multiple competitions. Cody served as FBLA State President as a senior in high school, leading and representing 5800 Nebraska student members. For community service, Cody has participated in recycling campaigns and community clean-up initiatives, and has raised funds for March of Dimes.

Throughout high school, one of Cody’s favorite parts of FBLA was the competitions, which are designed to recognize and reward excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. Cody attended FBLA Nationals all four years in high school, placing in competitive events each year.

Now that Cody is in college at UNL, he has continued to be a part of FBLA through, the organization’s college equivalent group: Phi Beta Lambda (PBL). Through PBL, Cody serves as the conference director. In this role, he is in charge of organizing thirteen tests, job interviews, and a quiz bowl for conference attendees. In addition, at the PBL State Leadership Conference this past month, Cody placed in five different competitive events, including two in accounting and one in finance. To read more about Cody’s experiences with PBL, click here.

As a result of his involvement in FBLA and PBL, Cody has learned many valuable skills that he will carry with him in his professional career.

“Cody presented leadership skills from day one of working at HBE,” states Lanelle Herink, HBE Partner. “His attention to detail and ability to step into a new work situation, armed with the tools necessary to contribute, is very impressive. Many of these skills are a direct result of his participation in FBLA and PBL. As a firm partner, I am grateful for his contributions to HBE.”

Besides juggling school priorities and multiple organizational commitments, Cody spends several hours a week as an accounting intern at HBE. This past semester, Cody participated in UNL’s 5-week school program, which allowed him to work as a full-time intern the remainder of the semester.

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