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A natural disaster or other casualty can be bad news for your home or business, but you might be able to salvage a tax break. Taxpayers can claim a casualty loss deduction on their tax returns if they’ve suffered a “sudden, unexpected or unusual” event — including a...

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Do You Owe Taxes on Your Self-Directed IRA?

THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU! Self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can be attractive investment options for taxpayers who are looking for a nontraditional approach to growing their retirement accounts. However, if the IRA owns a publicly traded...

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Written by Krystal Siebrandt, CPA, CFE As a business owner in today’s economic environment, you may be faced with challenging situations you’ve not experienced in the past. Hopefully, fraud is not one of them. However, the hard reality is that when pressures arise in...

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Nonprofit Revitalization Act Signed into Law

By Thomas Gorman On December 19, 2013, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law sweeping changes to the laws that govern nonprofits that do business in New York State. When they take effect in the coming months and years, these rules will be among the strongest...

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Despite IRS Delays, HBE is Ready!

By now, you’re probably starting to receive your tax documents and may be thinking that since this year’s tax season was delayed you, too, can delay your tax return preparation. However, we assure you this is certainly not the case! Although tax return filing is...

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