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When is the sale of grain not a grain sale

Each year, taxpayers experience changes to tax regulations as imposed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Whether you’re impacted directly or indirectly, even the simplest of changes often generate a notice in the mail — which can cause alarm. However, when it...

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What the Healthcare Reform Law could mean for you

The revenue-enhancing reforms and regulatory aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as the healthcare or Obamacare law) are making themselves felt. Some provisions, such as restrictions on the ability of insurers to decline covering...

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Tax Records: What Can You Throw Away?

Maybe it’s a good thing that the April 17th federal tax deadline coincides with the urge to spring clean. It feels good to throw out some of the financial records stuffing your filing cabinets. But before you head for the dumpster, make sure you’re not disposing of...

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Succession Planning Requires Smart Strategies

Succession planning is important in any business, but it’s sometimes overlooked in family-owned operations. This is a big mistake. There are numerous former family-run companies that no longer exist due to poor or no succession plan. The plan needs to be well thought...

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Save a Bundle with Retirement Plans!

Small business owners have some lucrative new choices in qualified retirement plans. Current tax law allows more money to be set aside for business owners and key employees, including their spouses. Since most entrepreneurs and executives don’t intend to live off...

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A Cautionary Tale About Charitable Donations

If you want to support a favorite charity — and collect hefty tax deductions — consider giving away appreciated assets that you’ve owned for more than a year. You’ll avoid capital gains tax and get a tax deduction for your generosity. For example, let’s say you want...

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