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HBE’s intern program has been designed to provide college students considering a career in public accounting with real world experiences in audit, tax, and business advisory related services. Unlike traditional intern programs, our intent at HBE is to provide our...

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Unpacking Internal Controls

WHAT INTERNAL CONTROLS REALLY MEAN TO YOUR ORGANIZATION “Our audit will include obtaining an understanding of the entity’s environment, including internal control.” Have you ever noticed this line in the audit engagement letter? It’s often overlooked, but encompasses...

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Legally Binding Contracts

In business, the importance of forming quality contracts cannot be underestimated. A well-written contract can protect all parties involved, whereas a poor contract can lead to disaster. Contracts are entered into often, whether they are oral or written. In fact,...

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Making a Tax Free IRA Deduction to Charity

Over the past several years, Congress has flip-flopped on legislation that allows individuals age 70 ½ to receive a tax break for charitable contributions from individual retirement accounts. The provision, known as the qualified charitable distribution (QCD) rule,...

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A natural disaster or other casualty can be bad news for your home or business, but you might be able to salvage a tax break. Taxpayers can claim a casualty loss deduction on their tax returns if they’ve suffered a “sudden, unexpected or unusual” event — including a...

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Do You Owe Taxes on Your Self-Directed IRA?

THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU! Self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can be attractive investment options for taxpayers who are looking for a nontraditional approach to growing their retirement accounts. However, if the IRA owns a publicly traded...

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